Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) is a flagship initiative of Kerala Startup Mission to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among the student and academic fraternity in the educational institutions in the State of Kerala and considered as an umbrella programme that would play an instrumental role in fostering innovation culture in Academic institutions. (


IEDC Christ Nagar aims to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among the young minds of Christ Nagar College. The centre provides resources and support to the potential young entrepreneurs, such as access to funding, mentoring, and networking opportunities. The goal of IEDC is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses and to stimulate economic growth and development in the community. By providing support and resources to entrepreneurs, IEDC Christ Nagar helps drive innovation and create jobs, leading to a stronger and more vibrant local economy.


Innovation is the process of creating new ideas, products, or processes, or improving upon existing ones. It is a key driver of economic growth and development, as it allows businesses and organizations to create new value and compete in the marketplace. Innovation can take many forms, such as the development of new technologies, the introduction of new business models, or the creation of new products and services. Innovation can also involve improving existing processes or products to make them more efficient, effective, or sustainable. 


Creativity is the ability to generate new and unique ideas, or to find novel solutions to problems. It is a fundamental human trait that allows us to come up with new ways of thinking and doing things, and is essential for progress and innovation in all fields of endeavor. Creativity involves both the imagination and the ability to think outside the box, and can be fostered and developed through practice and exposure to new ideas and experiences.

IEDC Christ Nagar


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